The Story of the Great Nalanda University

  India is one of the leading contributors of international migrants with a whopping 32 million Indians settled in different parts of the world. The Indian diaspora is spread across all parts of the world. Ever wondered why Indians are in high demand globally??? The Indian education system is robust that delivers highly skilled individuals, hence they are in high demand, especially for highly skilled jobs. Some Indian universities are ranked among the top global universities. Indians are also believed to be hardworking and extremely reliable. But is this only the current scenario?   Throwback to the reigning period of  Kumaragupta I  of the Gupta dynasty in the 5th century CE. He, built Nalanda University to impart an excellent system of education to its students. Located in the primaeval Magadha region (modern  Rajgir ), which is about 90 kilometres from Patna towards the Southeast, it is the world’s oldest residential university i.e. the students and scholars who came from all

3 Things Parents Don’t Understand about Teens

  Here are 3 things that parents should understand to have a smooth relationship with their children 1. Respecting privacy Teenagers or even preteens requires privacy for obvious reason, especially while they are going through a transition. I would say many parents do understand that, but many don’t as well. Still, in 2022, I see tons of questions regarding parenting in my Quora account asking for “my 15-year-old son or daughter keeps their bedroom close even if I don’t allow them to. What should I do’’ honestly, I feel like answering, ‘just go back to your own teenage and find out the answer instead of asking here'. I have been way past that age and I had to struggle for my own privacy as well. I can clearly say that it is disgusting not to have that while someone is going through the transition. 2. Attachment with friends Some Parents like to control their children’s life. Even they find satisfaction in choosing who would their own children are going to talk with. They like to be